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Silica aerogel powder

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Sio2 Silica aerogel powder is a kind of solid material with three dimensional network structure, which has low density, low thermal conductivity, high transmittance, high porosity and high specific surface area as well as the character of fire prevention and water proof etc. Therefore, it is a rare lightweight, multifunctional and environmental protection material, which especially has a broad application prospect in the field of pipeline and buildings thermal insulation.

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Silica Aerogel Powder



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1. Pipeline insulation: oil pipelines, chemical pipelines, urban heating systems, steam pipes.

2. Tank insulation: large LNG storage tank, cracking kettle, hydrogenation kettle, hydrogen kettle, supercritical extraction kettle, autoclave, large mechanical furnace, industrial building wall, high temperature operation workshop, insulation operation platform;

3. Appliance insulation: refrigerator, central air conditioning, electric furnace, heater, oven, oven, electric heater;

4. Military aerospace: reactor, capsule, rescue capsule, space shuttle, submarine circuit;

5. Building insulation: high-grade building insulation materials, the current insulation performance of the best insulation materials.

Properties of Silica Aerogel Powder

Coustics properties

Aerogel is a kind of acoustic delay and high efficient acoustic insulating material. Its acoustic impedance can be varied in a wide range. Aerogel is a superior acoustic impedance coupling materials for ultrasonic detectors.

Thermotics properties

Aerogels possess excellent adiabatic properties and can be applied as supports for nanometer porous super adiabatic materials.Under room temperature and ambient atmosphere, the thermal conductivities are lower than 0.02 and 0.014 w/m k for powder and bulk aerogels, respectively. In contrast, the thermal conductivities are 0. 022 and 0.03 w/m. k for air and polyurethane, respectively. Nowadays, the polyurethane foam adiabatic materials are gradually replaced by powder, bulk and granule aerogels.

Optical properties

The refractive index of aerogel is close to 1. Sunlight can effectively transmit the aerogel and no obvious reflective loss can be observed. Infrared irradiation to environment can also be prevented. Many aerogels can be fabricated as transparent or translucent materials,e.g,Silica aerogel. Silica aerogel can also be called as frozen smoke due to the refractive light of aerogels is blug.

Electrical properties

Aerogels possess low dielectric constant, high specific surface area, high dielectric strength and other superior characteristics.Organic aerogels and metal oxide aerogels are excellent dielectrics. The dielectric constant of silica aerogels can reach 1.1-2.5 by controlling the porosity in the range of 65%-99%, which can be used as high insulating materials, substrate materials for high speed integrated circuit, vacuum electrode isolation dielectrics and super capacitors.