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Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether BS-MP45

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Appearance: Colourless Thermoplastic

PowderNo Odor, No ToxinK Value

(Fikentscher) (DIN53726)           ca. 35

Chlorine content                          ca. 44%

Density                                         0.38 – 0.48g/cm3

Viscosity                                      45 ± 8 mpa.s

The viscosity data refer to 20% solution in toluene and measurements at 23(ISO3219in a revolving viscometer ST .


1.Good anti-corrosive effect: It has good binding effect owing to its molecular property. The chlorine ion is very stable. Coatings based on BS-MP45 are characterized by high resistance to chemicals, good resistance to water, and excellent resistance to weathering provided that the coating has adequate hiding power.

2.High stability: It’s very difficult to be degraded by atmosphere oxidation. Coating based on BS-MP45 has sunproof effect, will not turn to yellow or be desquamated easily. It’s physically drying binder with strong internal plasticizing effect and high thermal stability.

3.Good solubility: BS-MP45 is very easy to be dissolved with some other paint binder.

4.Anti-fire effect: It can be used for making anti-fire paint if add fireproofing agent.


Chlorinated binder for anti-corrosive paints; for paints on steel structure, light metal, plastics, deck, watercraft, container, machine, auto manufacture, concrete & asbestos cement. For wall paint, printing inks, road- marking paints, building component anti-fire paint; Also used for rubber & plastic industry.

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