Concerted efforts to win the aid of various

2020-05-06 00:00

In the face of international market pressure, China's foreign trade enterprises will receive all-round policy support in the near future. Reporters learned that at present, including the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs and other departments, as well as local governments and relevant chambers of commerce are intensively investigating and summarizing many difficulties faced by foreign trade enterprises, such as cancellation or postponement of orders in hand, difficulties in signing new orders, and poor logistics, and studying specific solutions. We will focus on measures to help enterprises precisely, support export to domestic sales, stabilize and unblock international logistics, strengthen all-round cooperation and linkage to ensure the timely and accurate implementation of policies, help enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets, and stabilize China's foreign trade base.

The reporter learned from the China International Chamber of commerce that on May 12, the chamber will hold a joint meeting of the Secretary General of the local International Chamber of Commerce in 2020 to discuss such issues as finding out the pain points and relieving the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises. At the same time, relevant chambers of commerce such as textile, light industry and electromechanical industry are also investigating the industry situation and providing targeted support measures and suggestions.

The head of the chamber told reporters that although the proportion of China's mechanical and electrical products in the total export increased by 0.2 percentage points to 58.8% in the first four months, the export situation of relevant enterprises is still not optimistic. According to Gao Shiwang, director of Industry Development Department of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, like other export enterprises, mechanical and electrical foreign trade enterprises are also facing many challenges. "Our research shows that at present, due to restrictions on personnel exchanges, foreign epidemic control and other factors, enterprises generally reflect the lack of orders." Gao told reporters.

Gao also pointed out that due to weak external demand, SMEs are in a more difficult situation under overall export pressure. He suggested that, while helping enterprises to develop internal and external markets to cope with the shortage of orders, they should continue to make precise efforts in reducing the cost of corporate taxes and other aspects, especially in helping small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain the foundation of China's foreign trade industry.

In fact, relevant departments are making arrangements for the above-mentioned situations and promoting the precise implementation of specific policies. The reporter learned that in the near future, the Ministry of Commerce has made a thorough investigation on key provinces and cities, import and export chambers of Commerce and key enterprises. The results show that foreign trade enterprises are facing such difficulties as cancellation or postponement of orders in hand, difficulty in signing new orders, and poor logistics.

Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that the difficulties, risks and uncertainties of the epidemic will be fully estimated, the sense of urgency will be strengthened, and foreign trade will be further stabilized. "Next, the Ministry of Commerce will, in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, play the role of foreign trade and foreign investment coordination mechanism, focus on supporting enterprises to explore the international market, help enterprises better complete orders in hand, obtain new orders, and cope with the impact of the international epidemic." Gao Feng said.

Among them, the most important thing is to help enterprises more accurately. The Ministry of Commerce said that it will timely understand the order changes of foreign trade enterprises through various channels and ways, not only focusing on the development and changes of leading foreign trade enterprises, the problems encountered, but also the difficulties of the majority of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and timely research and promote the introduction of more accurate assistance measures.

At the same time, the relevant departments also help enterprises to develop market. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce said it would further play an online role, actively prepare for and run the 127th online Canton Fair, free of enterprise participation fees, guide local governments to build online exhibition platforms, and help foreign trade enterprises develop markets. In addition, it will further stabilize and unblock the international logistics supply chain, give full play to the special role of international logistics work, and help foreign trade enterprises to solve specific transportation difficulties in a timely manner.

In addition, the reporter learned from the General Administration of customs that in the face of international market pressure, the customs will take multiple measures to support the cultivation of new growth points of foreign trade. Promote the implementation of global maintenance and remanufacturing business in the comprehensive bonded zone, gather new momentum of foreign trade and create a new platform for opening up. Support the construction of cross-border e-commerce after-sales service system, support enterprises to set up a return and exchange center, improve cross-border e-commerce return supervision, solve the problem of cross-border e-commerce B2B export goods return in overseas warehouse, and encourage enterprises to boldly "go out".

In addition to opening up the international market, the export to domestic sales also ushered in more support measures. The Ministry of Commerce has made it clear that it will further optimize the government's public services, help foreign trade enterprises to solve domestic sales problems, open up domestic sales channels and improve domestic sales capacity.

Local governments are also stepping up their distribution to promote enterprises to tap the potential of the domestic market. Recently, Anxi County, Fujian Province issued several measures to combat the epidemic, stabilize foreign trade and promote development, which proposed to guide self-supporting export enterprises and e-commerce enterprises in the county to establish industrial cooperation alliance and carry out capacity transfer and digestion. In Ningbo, where foreign trade is an important pillar industry, local business, tax and other relevant departments follow up the needs of enterprises in a timely manner, help foreign trade enterprises adjust the market layout in a timely manner, and promote the export to domestic sales of enterprises. Shanghai also launched the first batch of export to domestic products on April 28, helping foreign trade enterprises expand domestic sales channels through e-commerce platform.

Pang Chaoran, a deputy researcher at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, told reporters that the impact of the epidemic on the global economy is mainly on the demand side, and foreign trade enterprises are facing problems such as insufficient demand in the short term. However, these problems and difficulties are temporary and phased. With the continuous implementation of supporting measures, the basic stability factors of China's foreign trade are gathering.