Precipitated silica in feed application

2021-03-31 17:00

Silicon dioxide, the chemical formula SiO2, is one of the most important compounds of silicon. Silica is classified according to its manufacturing method, and can be divided into precipitated silica, fumed silica and silica gel. Most of the silica used in feed is precipitated silica. Feed grade silica ( white carbon black) is a white granule or powder with high purity and good fluidity, with uniform particle size, high adsorption and flow-promoting characteristics. Silica itself has no toxic. It can be used as a flow-promoting agent and a anti caking agent for various premixes and trace minerals, and also as a carrier to improve the fluidity of the feed, so that the various nutrients in the feed can be uniformly mixing. It can reduce the concentration of active trace components and separate a variety of trace active particles to reduce the reaction between active components, to maintain the stability of the active components, and effectively ensure the quality of additives and premixes. Specifically, it can be used in various feed flavoring agent, antimildew agent, acidifier, antioxidant, anti-caking agent, premixes, trace elements, silicon choline chloride, allicin, etc.

Silica is an important feed additive as anti-caking agent. In actual production, the amount of feed grade silica additive added to the feed is very small, generally not exceeding 0.5%.