High dispersion precipitated silica in automobile tires

2020-07-26 08:39

Use white carbon black (high dispersion precipitated silica) in automobile tires,

It can increase the life of tires (improve wear resistance) and safety (improve wet skid resistance) at the same time, reduce fuel consumption (reduce rolling resistance), reduce tire rolling resistance by 3-4%, and reduce fuel consumption by 1-2%.

The rolling resistance based on the tread is about 50% of the tire, and reducing rolling resistance is an important way to save fuel.

According to my country’s sales of nearly 300 million tires in 2019, if these tires are replaced from ordinary tires to green tires,

It can save 41.3 billion liters of oil every year, save nearly 247.8 billion in oil costs, and reduce 95.94 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions!

The air quality can also be improved a lot!