Products are widely used in paint, coatings, adhesives, inks, silicone rubber, tires, feed, food, pesticide, toothpaste, cosmetics, plastics, thermal insulation materials and other special industries.


Insulation Materials

Fumed Silica can be used to produce nano thermal insulation material. Due to the three-dimensional structure, fumed silica has the properties of small primary particle size, large specific surface area, high porosity and thermal stability, giving thermal insulation materials extremely low heat conductivity.

Silica aerogel powder is a kind of solid material with three dimensional network structure, which has low density, low thermal conductivity, high transmittance, high porosity and high specific surface area as well as the character of fire prevention and water proof etc. Therefore, it is a rare lightweight, multifunctional and environmental protection material, which especially has a broad application prospect in the field of pipeline and buildings thermal insulation.

Applicable products: Basisil-150, Basisil-200, Basisil-712, Basisil-714, Silica aerogel powder