Products are widely used in paint, coatings, adhesives, inks, silicone rubber, tires, feed, food, pesticide, toothpaste, cosmetics, plastics, thermal insulation materials and other special industries.



Fumed silica has a good thickening and thixotropic effect, providing printing inks with stronger color intensity, better brightness, better gloss, and good suspension.

Silica can be used as the adsorbent in the surface coating of the color inkjet substrate. The coating is the receiver of the color ink. After the ink is sprayed on the surface of the paper, it penetrates into the coating, and the water is quickly absorbed by the silica to ensure the dye does not diffuse, so that the final formed image has bright colors and high resolution.

Applicable products: Basisil-200, Basisil-712, Basisil-714, Basisil-M11, Basisil-M11L