Products are widely used in paint, coatings, adhesives, inks, silicone rubber, tires, feed, food, pesticide, toothpaste, cosmetics, plastics, thermal insulation materials and other special industries.


Paint & Coatings

Fumed silica is added into painting and coatings for rheological control, thickening. It can effectively prevent sedimentation and delamination of pigments, improve the weather ability and scratch resistance of coatings, and improve the bonding strength between coatings and substrates.

Silica matting agent is added into paint and coatings for getting a matte surface.

Applicable products: Basisil-200, Basisil-300, Basisil-712, Basisil-714, Basisil-M03, Basisil-M11, Basisil-M11L